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My heart

Hi there, my name is Susan. I am a self taught artist, wife and busy mum of two.  I paint mainly in oil, but regularly play around with other mediums and discover techniques in the process.  I am passionate about colours and terrible at planning a painting.  I believe that a painting should grow spontaneously , often resulting in several layers and changes.  I like to call these hidden layers the soul of the painting. This gives depth and are part of the story I hope to tell.


My paintings often start with a thought or a scripture and I write these words on the blank canvas.  Which bring me to my subjects.  As social media users, we are unconsciously seeking the next post that excites, wows or elicits a reaction and so it is tempting for the art and media world to propagate suffering, perversion, injustice and death as an easy way to be noticed.  The truth that opposes these social themes is that we have been redeemed.  We are highly favoured, deeply loved and richly blessed and so when we create, whether through speaking, writing, painting or singing we can create righteousness, truth, justice and life.  We can create to glorify a redeeming God, the Artist who created first.

This will always be my heart.

Thank you for sharing my journey!

Susan Bence
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