It is a privilege and honour to create bespoke artwork for someone!  If you like my style, I would love to work with you to create the perfect painting!

To get the process started, I would need some information from you via email.

Firstly I would need the size of the painting and a photo of the place where you would like to hang the art. 

Secondly I need to know the style you are after.  Take a look on my website or my instagram account (@susanbenceart).  Take screen shots of the work you like most, it can be a combination of a few different paintings.  Tell me what you like about them and what not. 

Thirdly I would need to know the subject.  Is it a landscape, an abstract, or a still life.  Share your thoughts and ideas.  Include photos if you for example want a landscape painting of a special place.  If it is abstract, what do you want it to might be a single word like "hope" or a phrase.  Your still life might tell a story- your grandma's table or flowers from your garden.  Or you might just want a similar painting to one I have already painted, the original might be sold, or you might be after a different size.  

Now send me and email ( with the following information:

1) Where you live, town and country.  If you live in the UK it is possible to ship your

painting on pre-stretched canvas, but if you live outside of the UK, I will remove the

canvas from the frame and roll it for shipping and you will need to frame it. 

2) The measurements of your canvas.  I price my work based on the size.

3) I mostly work in a square composition. Please discuss it with me if you would like 

    something different.

4) Attach the screenshots of the style you like.  Tell me what you like and dislike.

5) Tell me about the subject. Attach photos if applicable.

I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and timeline.

If you are happy with my proposal, you will receive three progress shots while I

create your work.  This will ensure that I am on the right track and that you are happy!

Looking forward to hear from you!


   Copyright Susan Bence Art      Proudly created with      All professional photos by Renza Vermeulen 

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