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You have so accurately captured our hearts in colours and in canvas. Thank you, Susan, we are elated!



Commissioned Art Susan Bence

It is a privilege and honour to create bespoke artwork for someone!  If you like my style, I would love to work with you to create the perfect painting!

Commissions for 2022 is now open, I can only create a limited number of commissions a year, so book yours now!  Please read through the information and send me an email with the information to get a quote and timeline.

Decide on the size of the painting , you might want to take a photo of the place where you would like to hang the art if applicable. 

Think about the style you are after.  Take a look on my website or my instagram account (@susanbenceart).  Take screen shots of the work you like most, it can be a combination of a few different paintings.  Tell me what you like about them and what not. Also think about the composition and colours. If there is a colour that you would like to avoid, please mention it.

I also need to know the subject.  I only paint landscapes, still lifes and abstracts.  Share your thoughts and ideas.  Include photos if you for example want a landscape painting of a special place.  If it is abstract, what do you want it to might be a single word like "hope" or a phrase.  Your still life might tell a story- your grandma's table or flowers from your garden.  I do not copy previous commissions or paint exact duplicates of paintings from previous collections, but I can create something similar to a previous painting.  

Now send me and email ( with the following


1) The location Where you live, town and country.  If you live in the UK it is possible

    to ship your  painting on pre-stretched canvas, but if you live outside of the UK,

    I will remove the canvas from the frame and roll it for shipping and you will need

    to frame it.

2) The measurements of your canvas.  I price my work based on the size. Include a 

    photo of where you would like to hang it, if applicable.

3) The style:  Attach the screenshots of paintings from my website/instagram that 

    you like.  Tell me what you like and dislike.

4) The Subject: Tell me about the subject. Attach photos if applicable.

I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and timeline.

If you are happy with my proposal, I will send you an agreement and you will make the

first pament via paypal.  Once I start your painting you will receive two progress shots

and a final photo for approval. I want you to be 100% happy!

Payment Details:

20% of price on acceptance of quote

50% of price in the agreed month that I start your painting after you have approved initial composition and colour sketch. 

30% on completion 

Looking forward to hear from you!


Art commissions

We have been admiring Susan's art for a long time and moving house was the ideal opportunity to commission 3 landscape paintings. Each etched with a scripture close to our hearts. I can sit and stare at them for ages....Just love them!


I had commissioned Susan to paint one of her abstract paintings for my wife's birthday.  Not knowing a lot about art, I really did not know how to express what I had in mind.  Susan was very responsive and guided me all through the process.  Asking the right questions and journeying with me to understand exactly what I wanted her to capture on the canvas.

Susan kept me updated on her progress and it was unbelievable to see how she transformed a blank canvas into something that now has not only formed a centre piece in our house but has captured a centre piece of our hearts. I think the next commission is closer than we think....                                                                       


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